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He nodded seeing the walls come up once more. He knew he shouldn’t cross them. That wasn’t his place. “Understood.” Cassander nodded, knowing she’d put up with a lot- regardless of how much he paid her. As she kept going he frowned slightly. “Cloaking system, my armor, the data I stored, Hell a lot of things need to be repaired.” He nodded before glancing at her, “I’d rather stick with you if it’s allowed. I don’t mind waiting. I need to get some things done regardless.”

"It is. I like working with you, you can stay." She said and turned around. She glanced over him, and sighed deeply, a hint of compassion in her blue eyes. He looked so tired and miserable with all those patches… "I’ll have no use of you now. Go and take some rest. We’re pretty safe and we’ll be landing in four hours. I’ll wake you up once we’re on the ground," she said softly.

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"Mmm, yes, perfect. You are perfect when you aren’t doing anything, and when you do things, it gets better. Give me kiss," he spoke in baby language, and tickled beneath her chin before gently pulling it up so their lips could meet. Then he wished her a safe flight, rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom without covering his bare bum. He stopped before closing the door. "If I don’t have tasks for the afternoon, do you still want to accompany me to Helheim? I wouldn’t ask you to." He shrugged his shoulders.

She smiled softly, and kissed him sweetly.”Of course I do. I’m a stepmother to your children now, I need to at least get to know them. Besides, I like Hel. She gave me back to you even though she didn’t have to.” While he was in the bathroom, she put a thin nightgown on, and order to bring them breakfast. When he walked out she already poured him some orange juice and made some toasts.

He nodded happily and closed the door. He could be heard singing in the shower, remembering his children’s lullabies.

He took a kiss on the cheek before he sat down for breakfast, then drained two glasses of juice. He pointed to Lana and spoke while chewing. “You are aware… that if you have an accident with the ship, you can just jump off it with Jane in your arms, aren’t you?”

She took a croissant with chocolate and coffee. “Why do you think we’ll have an accident? It civil, almost tourist flight, why should we…” she stopped, frowning.”You don’t think that he would try to shoot us down, do you?”

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One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.


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i miss your lips

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xmy beautiful man xjust look at him xisn't he glorious?







holly shit.


I’m not an artist and I jizzed myself.

If you get this for an artist, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll get laid that night.

tag your porn

I looked at this and had an orgasm

Where could you get this????

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xporn for mun
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