So, tomorrow I’m flying to Turkey and I’ll be off for two weeks. I hope you’ll stick me with me. Meanwhile tag me in things, send me ideas, give me things to reply to!

P.S. to my new followers - I’ll gladly plot with you once I’m back.

Be nice to each other!

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Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.

Mun and muse are just cute. Muse is the cutest one of its kind, you just one to hug them every time you see them on your dash.

Mun is very nice, caring, defending her friends and writes really well. I enjoy our threads/asks but also those threads she writes with others.

Also, posts a lot of delicious food-porn and always makes me hungry.

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smugglersshootfirst said:
"I'm usually not into this stuff, but come with me. I want to show you something."


Adam tilts his head, with a perked brow— making no efforts to speak/ Too curious to know, he follows along.

They had a day off on Naboo, waiting for their client, so she decided to show him a certain place. She took him on the spider, and after an hour she landed on some rock in the mountains. She took his hand and lead him another 500 meters where she revealed an amazing waterfall. Huge, beautiful, with a rainbow above. “There was a time when I was hiding in those mountains. I though I should show it to you. The water is crystal clear. We can go down there if you want.”

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Hot babe gang bang
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xan interesting celebration xnsfw xporn


"But… the Lambada… I keep imagining you in a tiny, tiny skirt…" he protested, but with a smile. "I’ll show you the rumba and then we can do a close rumba… before I play Gary Moore and forget about teaching you things." He drew back and reached his hands to her, with the palms turned forward. "Take them. Put the four fingers under my thumb."

She did what he said and took the right position, but couldn’t help cracking a smile. “I have a feeling I’m going to really like this Moore fellow.”

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He looked at his wife one last time, finding that he didn’t want to let go of her hand, but did it. He stepped toward his daughter.

"Darling." He said in an endearing voice, and cupped both the dead and the living cheek in his hands. "Yes, I brought you something from Asgard’s treasury, a potion Odin should have given you when you were a baby." He pulled back a bit and raised a hand, saying a spell, and a vial appeared between his fingers. "You need to sit down."

She led him to the throne and let him sit, so she could sit on his lap, her inquisitive eyes fell on Lana. “You gave her the apples, didn’t you? The Allfather must be furious.” She cuddled to her father’s chest. “But it’s good, she’ll last longer. How do you feel, mother?”

Lana was a bit taken back by the word mother, she didn’t suspected that she could call her that, accepting her. “Good. Alive,” she said with her hands crossed her back.

"You don’t have to fear this place anymore. Father paid the price."

Loki followed and hesitated a bit before sitting, and the amazed look faded from his face a moment after he turned. He kept telling himself that thrones are just chairs where the ruthless sit, but he couldn’t help but enjoy them. Then his eyes widened again, and his lips curved in a smile, when Hel sat on his lap. He raised an eyebrow at Lana and held his daughter’s head as she cuddled to him. “I did. She took the adventure. She wants to spend centuries with me, imagine that!” He joked, speaking softly.

"Yes, come sit." He gestured to the scribe’s chair a bit lower than the throne. Then he squeezed his girl’s dead shoulder. "You like Lana enough to call her mother?"

"You married her. Your souls were already married once you came here for her," she said in a tone like if she’d have to explain him some textbook stuff. Her eyes fell upon him, like if she was reading inside him. "Not only her wounds are healing. Yes, I like her enough." In the place where faith was useless, Hel truly believed that her father didn’t abandon her. Now she had a proof, and she was more than happy about that. She loved how he wasn’t afraid to look at her, that he could touch her without disgust. The one who’d never seen the sun, could see its gleam in his eyes. She felt that he came to fulfil his promise not because he was afraid for Lana, but because he really wanted to.

"You need to be careful, though. Both of you. There are some dark clouds on the horizon," she warned them, and snuggled her healthy cheek into her father’s chest.

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Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.
Even if I wanted to find any flaws - I can’t.
Mun is just lovely. Caring, patient, faithful, full of understanding, but also a great writer and plotter. She’s that kind of mun, I wish you all to have a pleasure to play with. Take your time to get to know her, and you won’t regret it.
Her muse is one of the best developed, not only of its kind, but in general. I had a pleasure to play with dozens of different muses, but this one is by far my favourite. This muse is almost an OC, their mun has such amazing, tight, personal grip on them, that it makes role playing with them fascinating.
I’d like to say that it’s not only a pleasure, it’s an honour to play with you. I love your style, your deep understanding of your character, your little posts with things that remind you of my muse. Even if I had no one else to play with, I would keep my Tumblr going just for you.
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Lana furrowed her brow at how her bar-fighting style could be called anything resembling to dance. “I don’t fight in your fancy Asgardian style, even though Fandral is giving his best to teach me. I’m afraid he’s about to give up.” She grinned when he mentioned Han. “If you want him to hate you yet for another reason, sure, it’d be hilarious. Oh I’m sorry!” She said when she stepped on his foot.

"Hehe!" He chuckled, imagining a pissed brother "Ou…ch! Did I mention one kiss for each time you stepped on my foot? Keep going."

She chuckled, then kissed him sweetly. “Is it a penalty or a prompt? Because I may wanna step on your feet a bit more often.”

"Am—" He said when he saw her approaching.

"Kisses after the lesson. Working on hips and feet now!" But he slowed down and took another kiss. He opened his eyes and flashed a proud smile, because whether he or his wife were mischievous, he was equally happy. Then he started counting again, a bit faster. "One, two, swing, one, two, swing… going to bed you backwards… now." He leaned over her, holding her, then pulled her back up and watched her luscious hair surround her face.

She leaned back with a chuckle, it gave her more fun than she expected. “I say we choose something slower. I want to have you close,” she said softly. She followed his steps, this time without failing, and chuckled again.

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